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National Analytics is proud to announce that we are currently manufacturing Data Acquisition Cabinets for the first shipboard production round of the US Navy's Advanced Arresting Gear Project

These cabinets will be deployed on CVN 78, The USS Gerald R. Ford.

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Remote Monitoring and Control, Automation,   Test and Measurement Solutions

National Analytics, founded in 2002 has become a mainstay in remote monitoring & control, systems integration and engineering solutions. Our services include software engineering, hardware engineering, mechanical and electrical design, contract manufacturing & test, project management and training. 

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“National Analytics' manufacturing and delivery of 11 cabinets to two different test sites, on schedule and fully factory acceptance tested is a testament to their hard working and dedicated staff.”
-Dr. Gregory Chapelle, PIE
General Atomics Electromagnetics Division


"This letter is in response to National Analytics' excellent performance on the U.S. Navy's Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG) Program. National Analytics provided informed and valuable engineering on the three different models of data acquisition cabinets. NA’s attention to detail permitted the data acquisition hardware designs to seamlessly handle the 1000+ sensors measuring a variety of physical parameters ..."

"The goal of the Suspension Test Group at Honda R&D Americas, Inc. is to develop a data acquisition system that greatly reduced vehicle testing and analysis time. National Analytics has been instrumental in achieving this objective....."

Oil & Gas
"...In helping Dresser-Rand Enginuity achieve these solution goals, National Analytics applied a full range of critical skillsets in project management, design, architecture, development and testing. National Analytics has worked to intimately understand our end customer and market needs for the joint solution development effort...."

Renewable Energy
"I am writing this letter in acknowledgement of National Analytics outstanding performance during the development, implementation, and support of the control and data acquisition system project for TMA’s wind turbine technology..."