Renewable Energy



December 14, 2009

I am writing this letter in acknowledgement of National Analytics' outstanding performance during the development, implementation, and support of the control and data acquisition system project for TMA’s wind turbine technology.

National Analytics demonstrated the ability to quickly understand the project specifications and adapt to changing requirements throughout the project. Utilizing your expertise in system development and with the LabVIEW software platform, NA was able to implement an effective solution to control and monitor our wind turbine. The system effectively manages multiple atmospheric, speed, torque, power, and vibration sensors used for precise turbine control and performance evaluation. The data acquisition system collects upwards of 20 GB of data on a daily basis while systematically populating a matrix of data parameters instrumental to the development of optimized turbine control algorithms. By maximizing the energy extraction from the wind, TMA is able to meet its goal of “leaving the World a better place” through the generation of clean renewable energy.

National Analytics realized TMA’s need to display and analyze the vast amounts of data being collected. As a result, NA took the initiative to design and present a data plotter that quickly and efficiently extracts data and displays it in a professional manner. The data plotter has proven to be extremely valuable in presenting data to potential customers and at industry trade shows, while saving countless hours exporting data for detailed analysis.

In addition to National Analytics software design and development skills, your personnel displayed valuable skills in assisting with the electrical system troubleshooting that allowed TMA to get the turbine fully operational. National Analytics personnel were very professional and thorough in their efforts. I would highly recommend your company for any data acquisition, control, or remote monitoring project as NA would be a valuable asset to any project team.

We appreciate National Analytics responsiveness and valuable contributions to the development of TMA’s wind turbine technology. Thank you for your outstanding efforts and interest in our product development. We look forward to working with you again on future projects.

Best Regards,

Scott J Taylor
Vice President of Technology Development
TMA Global Wind Energy Systems