Advanced Arresting Gear


The Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG) program at General Atomics is designing the next generation of naval aircraft carrier landing system under contract to the Naval Air Warfare Center.  The system will be back-fitted into existing CVN 68 class carriers and forward-fitted onto CVN 78 and future carriers.

The goal of General Atomics' AAG concept is to significantly improve arresting capabilities of the Navy's carriers while simplifying operation, maintenance, supportability requirements, and reducing life-cycle costs.  The primary method of sensor data collection is through the data acquisition (DAQ) cabinets.

The DAQ electrical and mechanical designs were completed by National Analytics and General Atomics and National Analytics manufactured the first complete set of cabinets for testing.  The testing is for functional performance and shipboard environmental qualification.

Currently, National Analytics is manufacturing the first round of shipboard data acquisition (DAQ) cabinets.  These cabinets will be deployed on CVN 78, The USS Gerald R. Ford.