This letter is in response to National Analytics excellent performance on the U.S. Navy's Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG) Program.

During the early phase of AAG National Analytics provided informed and valuable engineering on the three different models of data acquisition cabinets.  NA's attention to detail permitted the data acquisition hardware designs to seamlessly handle the 1000+ sensors measuring a variety of physical parameters (vibration, pressure, flow, temperature, position, etc.).  National Analytics direct involvement in software consultation and development has significantly improved the operation of the AAG data acquisition software.

During the cabinet manufacturing phase that has just completed, National Analytics personnel were actively informing General Atomics engineering of issues that might affect schedule or operating performance and quickly resolving them to GA's satisfaction.  The manufacturing and delivery of 11 cabinets to two different test sites, on schedule and fully factory acceptance tested is a testament to the hard working dedicated staff of National Analytics.  I'm especially impressed with this manufacturing effort, given the tight schedule constraints.

As we move forward into the testing phase of AAG I have no doubt that the data acquisition cabinets will operate in an exemplary manner as they were designed, collecting sensor and instrumentation data for analysis.

Thank you for all your hard work and valuable contributions to the AAG program.


Dr. Gregory Chapelle
Principal Instrumentation Engineer
U.S. Navy AAG Program
General Atomics Electromagnetics Divisision