The goal of the Suspension Test Group at Honda R&D Americas, Inc. is to develop a data acquisition system that greatly reduces vehicle testing and data analysis time.  National Analytics has been instrumental in achieving this objective.  Through the use of LabVIEW, National Analytics has developed a very modular test system that will easily accommodate a large number of Honda's standardized tests.

Starting from an initial software specification, National Analytics provided excellent feedback for making efficient code and has been very flexible in meeting some stringent requirements.  This has been accomplished despite the fact that National Analytics and Honda are over 1,000 miles apart.

The ability to see real-time acquisition and near instant analyzed results is producing substantial time savings.  Utilizing several databases and reporting data in a common format has further increased the accuracy of the results.  The effort by National Analytics is allowing Honda to no longer rely on archaic and inefficient acquisiton methods.


Brian Brickner
Vehicle Research Engineer, Suspension
Honda R&D Americas, Inc.